Experience Southern Morocco

Our guiding principal is to work with local people-from desert nomads to Berber village
families whom we see as friends and extended family. We support projects in the
communities that we visit and encourage respect of these cultures. Our tours also tread lightly in the natural areas we visit, to help preserve the beauty of Morocco’s natural habitat.

We invite you to share our knowledge of the region’s history and peoples, and to
experience the culture and beauty of Southern Morocco.
Would you like to:

  • Trek with camels through the Sahara?
  • Learn about the ancient cultures of the Kasbah Trade Route from Timbuktoo?
  • Discover the traditional ways of life of the Berber Villages of the Anti-Atlas?
  • Explore the geology and geography of the river valleys, Anti-Atlas mountains, hamada and Sahara desert?
  • Meet nomad families, visit Jewish sites, a Nomad school, a town’s pottery collective?
  • See old kasbahs, fire towers along the trade routes.
  • Other?

On our trips we aim to show you:
° The history and culture of the traditional Berber tribes
° The architecture of the Kasbahs–the Berber villages of both the Anti and the high
Atlas regions
° The stunning scenery of the Sahara Desert .
° The wild and mesmerizing landscape of the Anti-Atlas region.
° The warmth and hospitality of the people that characterizes the region