Plan Your Trip and Tour with Us

All our trips are designed around your interests, your available time and the size of your group.

In general we offer:
+Trekking tours of the Sahara, where we trek with camels carrying all our suppiles. Food is provided and prepared for you.

  • Trekking in the anti-Atlas where you we use donkeys to carry our supplies and equipment.
    A combination of 4X4 or car exploring the whole area with some time spent in the Sahara to explore
  • Family Trips– We have led many trips for families over the years and understand the
    needs of a family tour. (We recommend children be at least 4 years old.)
    We can arrange a special and unique celebration or honeymoon in the desert or in
    the Anti‚ÄďAtlas mountains.
    Aside from the Easter season where we guide groups, all our trips are now tailor made to suit you.
    Costs depend on numbers:
    Groups: a good size group would be 4 or 5 adults to keep costs reasonable,
    Large groups are also welcome.
    Email us with your trip goals and we will provide a trip plan and a price.